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Yellowtail Portions 500g

Yellowtail Portions 500g

Fish With A Story

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4 x 125g portions

Yellowtail is an iconic species, congregating in great shoals over the Struisbaai fishing banks in the summer months. It has a well-earned reputation for its superb, gamey taste, succulence and firm flesh. This product is blast-frozen and vacuum-sealed to ensure it retains its sashimi-grade quality. Excellent baked en papillote or pan-seared.

This Yellowtail is part of a world-first Fisheries Improvement Project helping to drive triple-bottom-line sustainability in small-scale fishing communities in South Africa.

Quick ‘n Easy top tip: Make easy oven parcels with 30 cm square of greaseproof paper. Make a pile of baby spinach and halved tomatoes in the centre of each. Add a spoon of sour cream (optional), a splash of wine or lemon juice and place Yellowtail Portions on top. Season and wrap up to seal. Bake in a hot oven for 10-15 minutes until the fish flakes. 

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