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Vegan Ice Cream - Vanilla 500ml

Vegan Ice Cream - Vanilla 500ml


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Made with Oh Oat Milk and indistinguishable from dairy, this delicious ice cream is completely plant-based. 

Made with real vanilla, our Very Vanilla will take you back to simpler times. Eat it straight out the tub, add it to your smoothie or drizzle it with custard. This is vanilla ice cream in all it's glory. Unbelievably creamy & satisfyingly rich, you won't be able to tell it's dairy-free.

Ingredients: Oh Oat milk (oats (gluten*), water, sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, salt), sugar, coconut fat, sunflower oil, emulsifiers, stabilisers, vanilla essence, vanilla powder, vanilla extract, vanilla paste, salt.

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