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Umami Broth Dashi Powder 40g

Umami Broth Dashi Powder 40g


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Umami Broth(4 x 10g) Dashi powder

DASHI is the embodiment of Umami.

It’s an essential flavour base at the heart of Japanese broth-based dishes from Miso soup, to Noodle soups, and Ramen.

It is incredibly versatile as a natural flavour enhancer, adding rich Umami to complement a wide variety of dishes.

Simply add contents of the packet to 2 cups of hot water to make flavourfull Umami Dashi broth for soup, gravy, sauce, and stew.

Use as a substitute in any recipe that calls for a savoury liquid.

You  can also just use the powder as seasoning salt to enhance any dish.

Diversify your culinary repertoire with a world of rich flavours.


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