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Organic Pure Rooibos (20 Bags)

Organic Pure Rooibos (20 Bags)


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Sunbird recognizes that Rooibos is a remarkable beverage for a number of reasons and elevates it above the common drink that it has come to be known as.

This Rooibos tea is a premium quality blend of two teas from different farms. Both farmers work with nature and grow their Rooibos without any artificial pesticides or fertilizers.


Our Rooibos is grown by farmers who do not use any artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.


Each box has 20 x 2.5g compostable tea bags wrapped in a compostable pouch. 

Fibre+ tea bags are made from 100% renewable biopolymer, polylactic acid (PLA), being 100% compostable and biodegradable.


  • Halaal certified by SANHA, South African National Halaal Authority
  • EU Organic certification
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