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Master Greens 120g

Master Greens 120g

Soaring Free

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Cleanse + Alkalise + Detoxify + Gut Health + Anti-inflammatory

Bringing together 5 of our most powerful supergreens for cleansing, alkalising and deep mineral nourishment. A functional anti-inflammatory complex specially formulated to purify the body, and restore the body’s natural pH for faster recovery. With well-recognised miracle moringa and spirulina, Master Greens is intended to nourish the body with a full spectrum of macros, micros and phyto nutrients.

Moringa - said to be an energising, antioxidant-rich multi-mineral food
Spirulina and Chlorella - rich in chlorophyll, whole protein and phycocyanin for supporting brain health
Wheatgrass and Barleygrass - loaded with fibre and known to be rich in nutrients which potentially enhance digestion, metabolism and gut health


Spirulina*, Moringa*, Wheatgrass*, Barleygrass*, Chlorella*
*Certified organic ingredients (certified by ZA-BIO-140)

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