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Master Adaptogens 120g

Master Adaptogens 120g

Soaring Free

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Stress Management + Balanced Nervous System + Vitality + Resilience + Energy

A triple Maca blend (red, yellow and black Maca) fortified with the popular nerve tonic, Ashwagandha, and 3 potent, adaptogenic herbs: Reishi, Gynostemma and Red Ginseng. This functional adaptogen complex is specifically formulated to realign imbalances caused by stress and revitalise the body's resilience.

Adaptogens are said to help reduce the body's sensitivity to stress by helping maintain its balance and energy efficiency. Although the body will continue to experience internal and external stress, adaptogens may help harmonise the dramatic biological responses to stress by potentially supporting our nervous system, cellular integrity, energy, immune system and hormone regulation.


Yellow Maca*, Ashwagandha*, Reishi*, Red Maca*, Black Maca*, Gynostemma*, Red Ginseng*
*Certified organic ingredients (certified by ZA-BIO-140)

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