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Luxury Drinks Box

Luxury Drinks Box


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The FIELDBAR Drinks Box Mk II is a hardcase cooler box designed for superior thermal performance. Properly made and perfectly proportioned, the Drinks Box is everything you would expect from a modern cooler. Durable, versatile, and comfortable to carry.

01. 50 hours "Champagne cold" ice performance
02. 3-Year Warranty
03. Easy-to-clean interior
04. Insulated with Poam™ - our proprietary sustainable high performance foam
05. Airflow resistant solid ring gasket
06. Shock absorbent ABS plastic outer cabinet
07. Condensation free construction
08. Commercial grade aluminium hinges
09. Genuine, double-sided off-cut leather comfort handle
10. Non-slip silicone feet
11. Individually pre-numbered and stamped
12. Made in Cape Town, South Africa

- Empty Carry Weight | 1.8kg
- Capacity | 10L
- Internal Dimensions | 330.5mm H x 212.8mm L x 127mm D
- External Dimensions | 370cm H x 250mm L x 160mm D

Fits 3 bottles of wine / 2 bottles of champagne / 10 beers

- Clean with warm water and a soft cloth
- Do not use cleaning products
- Do not pressure hose ***
- The leather handle will weather
- The outer cabinet may incur minor scratches and dents
- Brass-coated hardware may oxidise slightly
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