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Ellie & May Kids Beanie

Ellie & May Kids Beanie

Ellie & May

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The little legend range is for all our gorgeous, salt-of-the-earth adventurers...

Those little legends who constantly have a handful of sand in their mouth, are fascinated by all things wild, and always have dusty, little feet and a happy heart.

With the perfect combination of gorgeous, soft materials, a genuine baby leather patch & label stitched on with love, and two ridiculously good unisex colours; the quality of these baby beanies speaks for itself.

The baby ellies are perfect for those cold winter game drives, a chilly picnic along the coast, or simply to be a groovy little conservationist. 

As with our other products, and at the heart of our brand, each and every ellie & may purchase, contributes towards and raises awareness about elephant conservation in africa.

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