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Colds & Flu Tincture 30ml

Colds & Flu Tincture 30ml


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This blend has been made to not only support the immune system in fighting viruses, but to additionally target and effectively aid in the treatment or management of symptoms associated with colds and flu. 

  1. Helps in fighting off viral infections
  2. Eases respiratory infections 
  3. Aids in relieving fevers
  4. Allows for quicker recovery
  5. Boosts immune function

Ingredients: Echinacea, Elecampane, Elderflowers, Horehound and Speedwell, Rain Water & 99% Laboratory Grade Ethanol

Our Colds and Flu extract has been specifically made for use during the span of infection and will allow for easier recovery and less severe experiences of sinus, sore throats etc. making it the perfect bedside companion in the process of healing from a virus. 

Echinacea: A high antioxidant medicine, this beautiful purple flowered plant offers a multitude of healing potential for us. Best known for its positive effects on the immune system, echinacea has shown to aid the immune system combat infections and viruses, which could therefore help promote a speedier recovery. It is additionally a phenomenal anti-inflammatory, aiding in the easing of an inflamed throat, glands and overall muscle discomfort when sick.

Elecampane : Also known as Elfwort, this amazing root has been used extensively in Traditional Chinese and European medicine. As an anti-inflammatory it specifically has noticeable action in the respiratory system which aids in ailments such as bronchitis and other chest infections. It has historically been used to aid in reducing coughs, clearing sinus’ and easing throat infections. It is high in antioxidants, is antimicrobial and has even shown anti-cancer effects.

Elderflowers:  These beautiful little flowers have been used extensively in folk medicine to aid in clearing sinus congestion, ease the symptoms of colds and flus, clear the bronchial passages and therefore promote better breathing. It has additionally been used to ease sore throats and ease hoarseness.

Horehound: A strong expectorant herb, Horehound has been used to ease coughs and respiratory ailments since ancient Roman times. It has unmatched abilities in being able to loosen bronchial secretions and mucus. It is an immune protector, therefore preventing secondary infections from taking place when sick and is able to clear sinus congestion.

Speedwell: Veronica speedwell is an amazing tonic herb for coughs and colds – referred to in traditional medicine in Europe as ‘the healer of all illnesses’ it shows phenomenal results in clearing respiratory congestion and building the body’s strength back. However it has also been used for sore throats, stomach ailments, migraines, headaches as well as sore throats. 

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