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Cape Fynbos Non-Alcoholic Gin 750ml

Cape Fynbos Non-Alcoholic Gin 750ml


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Inspired by the astounding biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the Abstinence Cape Fynbos Non-Alcoholic Gin is the most gin-like of the range and draws its inspiration from the hero ingredient — the indigenous Cape rose geranium. A beautifully floral creation that with the addition of juniper berries, angelica root and coriander, gives it the trademark resemblance to gin with slightly bitter, slightly herbal, and faintly nettle-like notes.

  • Non-alcoholic gin with zero sugar
  • Cape rose geranium has a heavenly fragrant smell and is widely loved for its distinctive rose-like aroma
  • No added flavouring or colouring
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