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Blood Orange Aperitif 750ml

Blood Orange Aperitif 750ml


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  • A locally produced, premium non-alcoholic drinks range for all occasions.
  • This sophisticated, distilled non-alcoholic drinks range is made through a bespoke distillation process and painstakingly amassed from some of Cape Town’s finest
    indigenous flora. 

Aperitif is the French derivative from the Latin verb “aperire”, which means “to open”. Abstinence premium non-alcoholic Aperitif is the perfect, guilt-free appetiser to kickstart any
meal or social occasion.

Any great occasion or social gathering necessitates a premium, mouth-watering Aperitif. Abstinence non-alcoholic Aperitif provides all the richness and complexity of flavour, without the alcohol

  • No added flavouring or colouring.
  • Non-alcoholic with zero sugar.

Aroma - Blood orange citrus notes with natural botanicals infusion.
Palate - African wormwood, cinchona bark, all spice, clove, blood orange .
Finish - A mouth-watering, bittersweet mouthfeel.

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