Gift Cards and Vouchers

At Wildsprout we have 2 types of gift cards, an online voucher and and in-store gift card. This is due to our online system running separately to our restaurant/grocery store software.

For more information, please look at each of the below options.


Online Gift Card

Click here to view or purchase this voucher.

This card can only be purchased online through the above link. You will be required to select an amount from the available denomination options. At checkout you will be asked to enter an email address, and once the check out process is completed, the email address entered will receive the voucher code. This code can then be used by the receiving person when they next use Wildsprout's online store. At checkout there will be an option to input the discount code. Once the voucher code is entered and validated, the Rand amount loaded to the voucher will then be deducted from the total order value.

This card/voucher may not be used when making purchases in our physical stores and may only be used online.


In-store Gift Card

Click here to view or purchase this voucher.


The in-store gift card maybe purchased using the link above or alternatively it can be purchased in-store at either of our physical locations.

When purchasing online you will be required to to select an amount from the available denomination amount options. This will then be added to your cart for the amount selected. At checkout, you will be requested to enter a delivery address. A physical gift card will then be sent to the address specified with the amount selected pre-loaded. as well as any other items in your cart. If you would like to add a special message to the gift card, please do so by adding the message under the "special instructions" when viewing your online cart.

The in-store card may also be purchased at either of our physical locations. Please request a gift card from the grocery store counter. When purchasing in-store you will have the option to load any amount you would like onto the gift card. The grocery store assistant will the then load the amount on the card and had you the physical gift card.

The in-store gift card may be used at either physical branch, for restaurant purchases, grocery store purchases or a combination of both. This card can be withdrawn from until the balance is depleted or the card can be loaded with further amounts for future purchases.

This card may not be used when making purchases through our online store.


if you have any further questions/queries regarding our gift cards and vouchers, please call us on 078 576 6124 or send us a mail through our contact us page.