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Why Grocery Shopping in Cape Town is Easier with Wildsprout

When did grocery shopping become so complicated!  In the good old days, it was merely a matter of looking at the grocery cupboard once a week, writing a list and heading out to the store in town.  A one-stop-shop for convenience!  These days retail seems to have become so complicated with endless possibilities on offer.  Why is grocery shopping in Cape Town easier with Wildsprout though, and why should you choose this organic focused food store as part of your weekly shopping regime?

Healthy Food in Cape Town

Nestled in the heart of the Cape Town Southern suburbs you will find this gem.  A health food restaurant and grocer in one, Wildsprout’s mission is to serve, deliver and sell high quality health food, which is sustainable and delicious, and offers products to suit all types of dietary needs.  They aim to source locally, ethically and organically and to offer plant-based alternatives where possible.

Shopping Convenience

Thinking back to the good old days once more, when one wanted sugar, flour or even cleaning products, there was generally one brand available, so that was the one you bought.  With current brand and price wars however, we are spoilt for choice, but this can also make shopping an arduous task.  Wildsprout values its customers and listens to their needs and as such they have made shopping easier for you.

Grocery Shopping Online

With over 1000 products available, you can order your groceries through Wildsprout from the convenience of, well anywhere really! A user-friendly website divides the groceries into categories for easy selection.  Click on the product you are interested in and information relevant to the product is listed. A wonderful way to learn more about new products and products unique to Wildsprout, of which there are many.

Having completed your order and if preferring to collect it yourself, it will be ready for collection in under two hours, but should you choose the no-contact delivery option, this can be done on the same day if ordered before 2pm or the next day if ordered after 2pm. Shopping made easy!

Groceries In Store

Treat yourself to a nutritious meal and do your grocery shopping in the beautifully laid out store at the same time.  Select your own organic vegetables and fruit from the extensive selection or buy a treat for a special someone.  Whether buying a gift or stocking your larder, shopping in-store and enjoying the beautiful restaurant, means an enjoyable shopping experience in anyone’s language.

For healthy products, wholesome wholefoods and convenience, Wildsprout is the obvious choice for an easier grocery shopping experience right here in Cape Town. Live a healthy conscious life with Wildsprout!

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