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What Ready-Made Frozen Meals Does Wildsprout Offer?


You’ve worked late and haven’t even given dinner a thought!  It’s been one of those days and the last thing you feel like doing is thinking about what to feed the family, let alone prepare it! Think no more, Wildsprout has you covered for days such as these, with our ready-made frozen meals.  They are just the nutritious, convenient dinner option you need to delight your family and any guests you may have around at the last minute. 

 So Many Options 

Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that frozen meals can’t be healthy. Wildsprout prides itself on producing ready-made frozen meals that taste just as good as something you might make yourself, if not better.  It is simpler and easier on those difficult meal days when you feel rushed.   

The Wildsprout ready-made meals come with various options which cater to many different dietary needs. You can choose from 17 different gluten and refined sugar free meals such as a delicious Butternut, Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry, Mushroom Risotto, Salmon Fish Cakes, Vegan Shepards Pie, Vegan Aubergine Parmigiana, Chilli Non-Carne and many nutritious soups and broths too.   

If you feel like a free-range chicken meal, why not try the Chicken Soup, Thai Green Chicken Curry or the Chicken Pie filled with tasty leeks, mushrooms and carrots sourced from local sustainable suppliers where possible.   

On our online store you will find frozen meal options that are dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, sugar free, free range and vegan. With choices like these, everyone’s tastes and needs will be satisfied. 

Healthy & Nutritious 

Our food is vibrant and fresh. We celebrate Mother Nature and promote healthy and sustainable eating. When you buy your ready-made frozen meals and other products from Wildsprout, you can be guaranteed that the ingredients have been sourced in the most ethical and environmentally friendly manner possible. Only free range chicken and eggs are used in our meals.  

The freshly made frozen meals offered at Wildsprout are the ideal thing to keep on hand for those crazy mid-week meal worries.  

Treat yourself to a night off from cooking, choose Wildsprout’s frozen meals 

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