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What Are Microgreens?

We live in a time where topics such as global warming, eco-friendly, environment and sustainability are the norm when we have a conversation. These words and terms fill the media platforms urging people to “Go Green!” We have also become more aware of what we put into and take out of the earth, and are much more vigilant about what we put into our bodies, so that we can live our best life while helping to sustain the planet. 


In keeping with the ethos of living a healthy conscious life, Wildsprout stocks a wide range of eco greens, including microgreens and microgreens kits. What are microgreens, and why are these little seedlings so good for us?

Eco Greens

The prefix eco refers to ecology or to the environment. When we speak about eco greens we refer to vegetables or edible herbs which have been grown using environmentally friendly or eco-friendly processes. Processes which encourage sustainability by reducing or having no impact on the environment. Microgreens are the seedlings or sprouts of these eco green vegetables and herbs.  Often seen in salads or in the produce aisles, there is a variety on offer, from spinach and radish to broccoli and basil, each with their own unique flavour and texture to compliment your food choice.

Concentrated Nutrition

Microgreens, such as the ones found in the basil microgreens growing kit from Wildsprout, are aromatic, rich in flavour and texture and are packed with nutrients. They even come in a biodegradable box.  In just 7 to 10 days your basil eco greens can be grow at home in a greenhouse or on the windowsill.  The microgreens kit produces delicious salad fillers which offer a beautiful splash of colour to your dishes too.  Rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and vitamin B12, to mention just a few, they are an excellent source of phytochemicals such as antioxidants.  Phytochemicals are beneficial plant compounds found in fruits, vegetables, grains and beans.  These compounds protect the cells and DNA in the body from damage.

Pack A Punch

The nutritional content in microgreens is very concentrated so they often contain higher nutrient value than mature vegetables, and the high doses of these vitamins, minerals and antioxidant compounds may reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and certain types of cancer. All in all, they are good for you, a type of superfood if you like, and should be included in your diet to pack that nutritional punch your body needs.

Fresh is best and there is nothing quite like eating homegrown produce. This is made easy with Wildsprout’s microgreens growing kits and the wide selection of other microgreens available.  From the garden to the table, help the planet, protect your body and eat those healthy microgreens Cape Town!

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