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The Benefits of Eating Healthier

One of the first things parents do when introducing solid food in into their children’s diet, is to consider how healthy it will be for them.  When a child refuses food, the first thing that is said is, ‘It is healthy for you’ or ‘It will help you grow’ or ‘It is good for you’. 

Guess what? Parents are right!


Eating healthy food and having a balanced diet, is vital for good health and general wellbeing. Although there is plenty of food available to us, we need to remember that not all food gives us maximum health benefits.

Heart Health

Eating healthy food can lower your chances of developing heart failure, heart attacks and strokes.  Any form of heart disease could be fatal, so by keeping your blood pressure low through a healthy diet, maintaining a moderate weight and by exercising, you can build a healthy heart. Since the heart is the motor which keeps the body going, I would reach for that apple!

Reduce Cancer Risks

Our bodies are exposed to free radicals every day through exposure to smoking, air pollution, x-rays, and industrial chemicals, but also through certain internal body functions. Having free radicals in our body increases the risks of developing cancer, but by eating foods rich in antioxidants, which protect our cells from damage, we can lower the chances of developing cancer.

The colon contains naturally occurring bacteria and plays a vital role in the body’s metabolism and digestion, which in turn helps the body fight bad bacteria and viruses.  Eating a healthy diet can reduce inflammation in the gut area as certain healthy foods can act as pre-biotics and probiotics.  Not only are these foods readily available but they will help to maintain regular bowel movements and could prevent colon cancer.

Mood & Memory Booster

There is a close relationship between diet and mood, ask any parent with hungry child!  Maintaining a low glycaemic diet can reduce symptoms related to depression and fatigue. Also of benefit to those with diabetes, a low glycaemic diet can regulate blood glucose levels which will allow one to manage the disease effectively.

Eating healthily helps to maintain brain health and cognition and can help prevent the onset of dementia. Healthy food is good for our brain and mental health.

Strong Bones & Teeth

If the heart is the motor which keeps the body going, then the bones are what hold it all together!  A diet rich in calcium and magnesium will minimise bone issues such as osteoporosis later in life and will also support your muscles as you exercise and eat your way to a healthier life.

Eating a healthy, nutrient rich diet containing all major food groups, lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats, fruit and vegetables in many colours and by substituting sugar, salt and trans fats with healthier options, has many benefits, not least of all being a more restful night sleep.


Eating fresh produce is always best when wanting to follow a healthy diet. Shop for the freshest and most healthy products in our Wildsprout online store.

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