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Quick & Healthy Supper Ideas

While some people love spending hours in the kitchen preparing MasterChef worthy meals or trying to recreate Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon, others just want to prepare something quick, healthy and easy. Of course, you might fall into both of these categories, the latter being necessary on those busy run-around days during the week or on lazy, relaxing weekend evenings. What is good to remember is that quick meals can also be healthy meals – so don’t reach for the junk food menu just yet. 

We’ve got some quick and easy supper ideas for you, even some that you can buy from Wildsprout to keep in the freezer for those days when you may not have much on the ingredient side in your pantry. Our range of delicious ready-made frozen meals is vast and caters to all tastes and dietary needs. 

Keep Your Pantry Stocked 

The secret to being able to prepare a meal in a hurry is to have stock on hand and that means preparation.  This is not as daunting as it may sound however, it just means keeping a keen eye when doing your grocery shopping.  Keep things like bottles of your favourite pesto on hand, this can go a long way with giving you ideas for dinner.  Look at the Pesto Princess range at Wildsprout, there are delicious options which can be paired with a piece of grilled chicken or fish.  You can even chop up your favourite veggies, add some chicken, fish, beef, tofu or protein of your choice and coat it all in the pesto or a marinade. Cover it with foil and bake - a quick meal that also includes your healthy nutrient-filled foods for the day. You can also grill your protein with basil or roasted red pepper pesto and serve this with a fresh crispy salad. Quick and tasty! Pop into the Wildsprout pantry to get some great ideas from their sauces, marinades and pesto, and find other non-perishables to keep on hand for your quick healthy meals. 

Ready-made & Frozen 

Frozen meals from Wildsprout are not only healthy and made from the freshest ingredients possible, but are also made with your health in mind.  With options for vegetarians, vegans and all dietary needs, your choices are vast.  Why not try some of our delicious curries, bolognaise, lasagne and chilli options.  With so many different ready-made meals available, everyone can choose their own meal for the night, pop them into the oven and voila, dinner is served! 

Salads & Stir Fry 

Making a healthy, filling salad or stir fry is as simple as chopping the ingredients.  Get the family involved to speed it up even more.  With these warm summers days what could be better than eating something fresh and wholesome and enjoying it al fresco is even better. Add some hummus, shredded roast chicken and pop your salad in a pita or wrap for a different meal idea that is easy to eat and won’t require you to wash knives and forks afterwards either. 


Making a quick meal is simple and can be as tasty as a meal that may take 2 hours to prepare and cook.  Remember, it is all about keeping your pantry stocked, so head to Wildsprout or shop at our online store to get all of the ingredients you may need. 

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