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How to Spice Up Your Next Braai

South Africa and braaiing are synonymous. Not a barbeque, a good old sociable SA braai. I mean we have a national braai day after all, and even have a TV series called The Ultimate Braai Master!

Now we all know never to mess with a braai master, but why not become the braai master yourself, by spicing up your braai recipes when next you entertain.  We can do a whole lot better than just throwing meat onto the grid and foil-wrapped potatoes into the coals!

Get Creative

A braai table should be a smorgasbord of options that tantalize the tastebuds.  We all have our braai grid favourites, whether it is a tasty lamb chop, a swirl of boerewors, baked butternut, chargrilled mielies or braai broodjies.  Let’s see what Wildsprout can do to make your next braai experience even tastier.

Remember those foil-wrapped potatoes I mentioned? Well, why not add one of the many Pesto Princess products available at our Wildsprout store to give your baked potatoes added flavour. Roast some pine nuts or even sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and sprinkle these over the pesto covered spuds for a delicious side dish.

Adding Carara Gourmet Chutney to your shopping list means that you can dip that little boerewors taster into a dollop of this tasty preserve or spread it onto your cheese, tomato and onion braai broodjie for extra flavour. Mayonnaise, chutney, mustard, pickles and relish are all good braai accompaniments, so be sure to keep a few jars on hand to serve at your next braai.

Now for our chilli lovers, what is a good steak without some hot sauce to accompany it? Make your own chilli sauce from the array of fresh chillies and herbs available on our Wildsprout shelves or use one of the carefully sourced and selected chilli sauces for a quick chilli fix.

Spice up Your Life – and Your Braai Recipes

There are so many delicious salad recipes available and a simple yet easy to prepare salad, is just a click away on the internet.  Use fresh and healthy vegetables to produce interesting salads to complement your meat choices and garnish them with crunchy sprouts, fresh herbs and seeds. 

Use interesting herbs and spices on your dishes, like Himalayan Herb Salt on your chargrilled sweetcorn, The Old Stone Mill Piri Piri Chicken Rub on your chicken pieces or their Steak Dry Rub on a juicy fillet. You can make your meat and side dishes so interesting with all of the necessary braai ingredients available from our Wildsprout store.

No one can resist the smell of food on the braai and the ambience around a fire.  A braai involves all of the elements that make a perfect occasion, food, fire, family and friendships. There is something wonderfully relaxing about a gathering around a braai, and with summer now here, you can head to our Wildsprout store to buy all of your braai essentials and more.  Start winding down to the end of the year and spice up your next braai while you’re at it!


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