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How to Eat Healthy in 2022

As the new year rolls around, so do new opportunities. As cliché as it is to make New Year's resolutions, it can be a great way for you to improve your life. One major factor that many people put down on their resolution list is eating healthier. And as the best place to buy fresh, healthy food, we thought we’d help you out with this one.

Eating healthy has so many benefits - from a strong immune system to more energy, better weight control and even lower levels of stress. So the question is not if you should eat healthy, but how!

Here are some tips to eat healthier in 2022:

Eat More Veg

Yes, you have heard this too much. While eating more vegetables can help improve your diet, it can often seem too difficult or tiresome even. The best way to eat vegetables is fresh, and that’s why at Wildsprout, we only stock the freshest vegetables. Try some of our fresh organic veg and you will change the way you look at vegetables.

Use Healthier Cooking Methods

Deep-fried food is delicious. No one is denying this, however it's not the healthiest option around due to the high amounts of saturated fats involved. While deep-fried foods now and then are fine, if you find yourself cooking this way regularly, there are better and potentially more delicious methods of cooking.

Air frying, pressure cooking, steaming, boiling and grilling can be great and healthy methods of cooking. Having a variety of ways to cook your food can make your diet more diverse and tasty.

Eat-In More

Eating out is easy and delicious. However, it is often not the best option for healthy eating. While many restaurants offer healthy eating options, Pizza and Chinese probably come around more often.

Instead of eating out, try to eat in more by learning how to make some of your favourite takeaways. You can enjoy your favourite food and potentially even make it healthier by using better ingredients or a healthier cooking method.


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – Benjamin Franklin.

Having a meal plan, a shopping list and having your meals organised can make healthy eating an easier part of your life. It means less shopping, less wastage and a happier food experience in general. It also makes life easier when you order your groceries for delivery from Wildsprout! We offer same-day delivery!

Eating healthy can be the best New Years' resolution for 2022. And thanks to the tips above, the process can be straightforward. You can achieve anything you put your mind to, so start your eating plan and start eating healthy today!

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