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Are Frozen Meals Healthy?

So many people turn their noses up at the idea of a frozen meal and in fact, won’t be seen dead in the frozen food aisle. Fresh is best they say, but it isn’t always the most convenient for a busy lifestyle or necessarily the healthiest option for that matter. Eating healthily should not get in the way of living, and purchasing some delicious and nutritious frozen meals from Wildsprout could solve many meal dilemmas after a long and busy day.   

Just As Nutritious 

No time to cook? No problem, because a frozen meal can be just as nutritious as a fresh meal. It is time to stop believing the myths about frozen food being processed, unhealthy and expensive.  There are scientifically supported facts that prove that frozen food is not the ogre it was once thought to be, hence the reason you should consider popping some of the Wildsprout frozen meals into your shopping trolley when next you are there or when shopping online.  

Fresh foods are generally picked before they are ripe and typically lose some of their nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, within 3 days of picking. The fresh fruit and vegetables are then packaged and shipped to stores and may even sit on the store shelves for a few weeks, reducing their nutritional value even further. Frozen food, on the other hand, is harvested at its peak and then flash frozen within hours. On the day you purchase fresh and frozen food, they both generally carry the same nutritional value, but after just 5 days in the fridge, fresh food has less vitamin A, C, and folate than frozen items. We always need to keep fresh food in our homes but buying more than will be used over 3 days, could end up costing you more, both in health and nutrition.  Find the balance and keep both fresh and frozen products and meals in your home. 

Healthy, Convenient & Tasty 

We are all so aware of health and safety, especially when it comes to our food and food preparation.  The frozen pies, curries, soups and meals at Wildsprout are prepared under strict hygiene conditions to ensure all meals are of the best quality. The meals contain no preservatives or additives so when you eat frozen meals such as the Aubergine Beef Lasagne and the Mushroom Risotto, you can be guaranteed a healthy meal.  

The freshest ingredients are used when preparing tasty dishes like the Wildsprout Salmon Fish Cakes and Pea & Mint Falafels. Using locally sourced and sustainable produce is always the chef’s first choice which is why our frozen meals are so delicious and nutritious.  If you decide it is pie night, you are spoilt for choice with the Chicken Pie, Fish Pie and Vegan Shepards Pie – nobody will go hungry, no matter their diet choice. Frozen, convenient and tasty! 

Are frozen meals healthy? Yes, they can be and most certainly are at Wildsprout where you will find a wide range of frozen meals to suit all dietary preferences. All of our meals are gluten and refined sugar free, while many are dairy free and vegan too! 

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