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Nourish Lucuma Protein Shake 250g

Nourish Lucuma Protein Shake 250g

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A soothing, synergistic combination of essential superfoods and superherbs that nourish and replenish the body to function optimally. This nourishing superfood shake is a blend of 5 highly nutritious superfoods and superherbs. A concentrated and potent synergistic blend of delicious lucuma, creamy mesquite, omega-rich chia and hemp seeds, adaptogenic maca and sweetened with zero GI monk fruit. The brown rice protein makes this a delicious way to up your protein intake. It is ideally used as a protein boost or meal supplement. Its high protein, fibre, energy and essential vitamins and minerals make a great meal alternative when you’re active, on-the-go or exercising.

Ingredients: Chia Seeds*, Hemp Seeds*, Mesquite*, Brown Rice Protein*, Lucuma*, Maca*, Monk Fruit Extract*, Fine Oryx Kalahari Salt. **Certified Organic Ingredients (99%)

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