Glow Berry Protein Shake 250g - Wildsprout

Glow Berry Protein Shake 250g

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Get your glow on with this protein beauty blend of 7 essential superfoods, superberries and superherbs that replenish and restore your skin and body. This nourishing superfood shake is abundant in protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with delightful tri-berry açaí, raspberry and strawberry flavours.

Use as a protein boost, pre- and post-workout supplement or meal replacement for optimum recovery. Its high protein, fibre, energy and essential vitamins and minerals make a great meal alternative when you’re active, on-the-go or exercising.

Ingredients: Mesquite*, Brown Rice Protein*, Lucuma*, Chia Seeds*, Hemp Seeds*, Baobab*, Maca*, Beetroot*, Raspberry (5%)*, Strawberry (3%)*, Açaí Berry (2%)*, Monk Fruit Extract*, Fine Oryx Kalahari Salt. * Organic Ingredients (95% )