Camu Camu Berry Powder 100g - Wildsprout

Camu Camu Berry Powder 100g

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Camu camu berry has a long history of indigenous use and has incredible benefits verified by science. It is a small, red, South American superberry that grows wild along the rivers of the Amazon rainforest.

Camu has the highest, botanical source of vitamin C in the world. It is known for its stress defence benefits thanks to high amounts of GABA (also known as The Peacemaker for its anti-depressant effects), as well as its powerful antioxidant, free-radical fighting effects. Strengthens immunity - contains a minimum of 5% vitamin C. Anti-inflammatory - with phytochemicals & minerals. Beta-carotenes provide Internal protection from sunburn. High in carotenoids to fight macular degeneration. Blend into water, juice, smoothies or desserts.

Combine camu camu powder with honey to create your own super immune-boosting flu buster and throat soother. Stir into water and sip throughout the day to maximise your vitamin C uptake. Use 1 teaspoon daily.