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BBQ Sauce 250g

BBQ Sauce 250g

Backyard Farms

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Designed as a marinade, a basting sauce and a BBQ sauce.  Lots of sticky red plum, roasted tomatoes, soy sauce, herbs & spices and a very gentle chilli tingle.  This will uplift your braai in more way than one.  

For:  A gourmet braai.  Those cooks serious about uplifting the flavour of their vleis....

Hot Scale: Very mild

Allergen: Soy

Ingredients: Tomatoes, red plum, Onion, Vegetable stock (water, onion, carrot, butternut, garlic) Soy sauce, Tomato paste, Sugar, Apple cider vinegar, Lemon zest & juice, Fresh ginger, Fresh garlic, Canola oil, Dried chilli, Smoked paprika, Salt, 5 spice

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